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Do you get frustrated when you see gas prices fluctuating all the time? If you do, then you will want to understand why this is happening.

Disasters In Areas Where The Gas Is Drilled Makes A Difference

If there is a disaster in an area where the gas is drilled, it can cause a fluctuation in the price that we pay at the gas pump. The disaster can be hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes and more. The cost of the gas will go up near the disaster and then come further out.

Demand Also Can Make The Gas Prices Fluctuate

At certain times of the year, people travel more. Summers and holidays are peak times that can cause a lot of demand for gasoline. Prices will fluctuate at these times. For many people, they need to travel to visit family and friends at special times of the year. They can’t help that they need to go, but they can also consider taking a train or a bus. Flying is also a possibility.

The Amount Of Tax Can Make The Prices Different

Each state will put a tax on the gasoline. Some states will tax higher than others. Depending on where you live, you will notice a difference in what you are paying at the pump. If you live in an area where gasoline is taxed highly, consider making your voice known by complaining to the higher ups in your state.

Gas Companies That Get Into Trouble

It can happen where a company that sells gas gets into trouble. When this happens, the other companies have to take over for the demand from the people that need to use the gas. This can cause the price of gas to fluctuate depending on how the problem is being solved and in what time frame.

Stock Speculation On The Price Of Gas

In the past, there were people that speculated on the price of gas and when it would go up. This has been corrected, but it could still happen again. Speculators make gas prices fluctuate quite a bit.

Knowing all of this will give you the ability to know when the gas prices will be different. Budget for what you need, and cut down on driving. If you can’t cut down on the amount of driving that you do, be sure to get a discount at the gas pump by shopping at certain stores or carrying special credit cards.